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Here you can ascertain whether you want to search through all environment information (also environmental topics and service) or whether you would only like to search in the environmental topics or only in the press pages (press releases, publications and events).

Data Sources

In addition to web servers, metadatasystems and specialist data systems are also connected to InGrid-Portal. You can choose whether you want to search in all these systems (standard), or whether you would like to restrict your search in a targeted manner to one or several kinds of data sources.

If you limit your search to metadata then you also have the possibility of selecting the classes of metadata that you would like to search. The following classes are available to you:

  • Organisational Unit / Task
  • Geo-Information / Map
  • Document / Report / Literature
  • Geo-Service
  • Enterprise / Project / Program
  • Data Pooling / Data Base
  • Service / Application / Information System Datensammlung/Datenbank

Federation/Federal States

The data provided in InGrid-Portal come from authorities and those organisations closely associated with authorities in the Federal Republic of Germany and the Federal States. You can limit the information provided for your search to the Federal Republic or individual Federal States. It is also possible to choose several items.

The Federal Republic and also most of the Federal States have several data providers. These are displayed if you click on the plus sign * Instead of the Federal Republic or a Federal State, individual providers can also be selected. In this case too, a multiple selection is possible.