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Search terms

In this area you can add well directed one or several search terms to your search term by linking it with one of the following options:

all search terms (AND): a piece of information will be found if it contains all the terms entered (standard).

one of the search terms (OR): a piece of information will be found if it contains at least one of the terms entered.

the exact search string:a piece of information will be found if it contains exactly the word group entered (in the same sequence, with spaces etc.).

none of the search terms: a piece of information will only be found if it contains none of the terms entered.


In order to optimise your search query, you can add special environmental terms from the environmental thesaurus UMTHES. To do this you put any term into the entry field and click afterwords the button Thesaurus look-up.

You will then receive a series of similar terms,which you can add to the search term. You can further specify your search term by clicking on a similar term.


In InGrid-Portal the environmental thesaurus UMTHES from the German Federal environmental agency Umweltbundesamt is used. A thesaurus consists, like a dictionary, of specialist terms on a certain subject area. In addition to the correct spelling, a thesaurus also contains information whether and how a term can be generalised (superordinate terms), specialised (subordinate terms) or expressed in another way (synonyms). Thesauri are used, for example, for indexing keywords and finding documents.

The UMTHES contains more than 30,000 specialist terms, which are related to the topic environment. The single terms can have one or serveral superordinate, subordinate, silimilar terms and/or synonyms. A related term is an thesaurus term that is connected with the thesaurus keyword, but is neither a super- nor a subordinate term. A thesaurus term can possess any number of related terms. A synonym is an alternative expression, but one with the same meaning for the thesaurus keyword. Sometimes a synonym consists of two or several thesaurus terms. In this case, the synonym is not to be understood as an alternative expression for a single thesaurus term but as a synonym for the combined term.

The UMTHES is made available via the Semantic Network Service (SNS) by the Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt).