InGrid-Portal offers you the possibility of putting your own settings in place on lasting basis. Using these you can:

  • Adapt the start page to your requirements
  • Personalise the search

To do this you must register and receive a user name and a password. Registration is free. Your details will not be passed on and are only used in anonymised form for statistical purposes.


If you already have a user name and a password you can enter them here and click on Sign-on.

New User

If you do not yet have a user name and password then click on the New User link. This will take you to the Login form.

Please fill out the form. The detail fields with a star* are mandatory and must be filled in. All other details are voluntary.

All details are handled in strict confidence and are only used for anonymised statistical evaluation.

Forgotten password?

If you have forgotten your password, click on the Password forgotten? link. You will then be taken to the corresponding form in which you can enter your e-mail address. After submitting you will be sent your user name and password by return.

Automatic Login

If you would always like to use your personal settings you can select the Automatic Login option. Then you will not have to enter your username and password every time to access the site. (Note: this operation functions only if you have given your internet browser permission to use cookies).

Your personal InGrid-Portal start page

This link leads you to your personal start page as set up by you in the personalisation function.

Edit User Profile

This link takes you to the form with your details thus far. If your details have changed, this is where you can update with these changes.

The data fields with a star * are mandatory and have to be filled in. All other details are voluntary.

All details are handled in strict confidence and are only used for anonymised statistical evaluation.


You can set the following settings according to your wishes.

Personalisation of the InGrid-Portal Main-Page

In this area you can set which contents are to be displayed in which order on your personal start page. For this you set the contents of lines 1 to 3 in the main column (on the left) of the start page via the dropdown list. If you do not set your contents at all (empty entry in the dropdown list) this is also not displayed.

You can follow the same procedure for the margin column (narrower margin on the right side) of the start page.

The determinations are not saved permanently as presetting. After click on Logout you return to the startpage of InGrid-Portal with its own presettings.

Filter for states or information providers

In this area you can set whether the information displayed for you is to be restricted to only the Federal Republic and/or individual Federal States (e.g. Federal Republic and Hessen) or is to be restricted to individual information providers (e.g. Federal Ministry of the Environment).

The settings relate to the search as well as to the topics pages, readings and service areas.

The settings are saved permanently as preset settings. However, you can overwrite them again temporarily via the settings possibilities in the abovementioned areas (thus, for example, for individual searches).

Filter for Types and Data Sources

As well as the usual web servers, metadata and specialist data systems are also connected to InGrid-Portal. You can now select whether you want to search in all data sources (standard) or whether you would like to restrict your search in a targeted manner to one or several types of data sources.

If you limit yourself to metadata then you will continue to have the possibility of selecting the classes of metadata you would like to search. The following classes are available to you:

  • Organisational Unit / Task
  • Geo-Information / Map
  • Document / Report / Literature
  • Geo-Service
  • Enterprise / Project / Program
  • Data Pooling / Data Base
  • Service / Application / Information System

The settings made will be effective on a lasting basis as preset settings. You can however overwrite them via temporary settings for individual searches.

Sorting and grouping of search results

You can display your search results either according to ranking (relevance of the page found with regard to your search term) or according to actuality (the latest pages are shown first).

Grouping means that all search results of a page are collected in groups. Depending on the setting, all the search results for the Federation or of a Federal State are collected together or those of all providers or domains.

Include similar terms in the search

InGrid-Portal not only performs the usual indexing of the pages found on search engines but gets the page contents analysed by the n Semantic Network Service (SNS) of the Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt). As a result of this analysis, appropriate technical terms from the Environment-Thesaurus are assigned to the web pages.

If you select the setting Include similar terms in search by putting a cross then these keywords will be taken account of in the search. (Note: one should assume that selecting this setting increases the number of hits.)

The settings will be effective on a lasting basis as preset settings for the display of the search result list, but can be overwritten via settings in Search for individual searches.


You leave the personalised area via LOGOUT and return to the start page of InGrid-Portal with its standard preset settings.