Under Service all the Press Releases, Publications and Events headings of the Federation and the of the Federal States are collected together.

From this menu item you reach the corresponding pages of the Federation- and Federal States- authorities.

If you klick at the InGrid-Portal-startside on a link in the servicebox (e.g. Events), the results for the chosen category (e.g. Events) are displayed directly. Here a change in the category Service takes places.


In this area you can select certain categories. After clicking on the Show button the pages available on the categories crossed will be displayed for you.

Federation/Federal States

In this area you can select which information providers (of the Federation or individual Federal States) you want the information from.

You can carry out multiple selections by holding down the ctrl-key and then clicking on the Federation or the Federal States desired.v

If Select All is selcted then the information from all information providers is displayed.


You can display the results grouped either according to the Federation and Federal States or according to the individual information providers (e.g. Federal Ministry of the Environment). This means that all the information of the Federation or of a German Federal State resp. of a provider will be collected in a group and displayed together.

If you do not want such a grouping you can select the No setting.