You can control the display of search results under the Options heading.

Search Results Sorting and Grouping

You can have your search results displayed either according to ranking (relevance of the page found to your search term) or according to newness (the newest pages will be at the top).

Grouping means that the search results are displayed compiled according to Federal Republic/Federal States, Information Providers or Domains.

Include similar terms in search

InGrid-Portal not only carries out the usual indexing found in search engines but also has the page contents analysed by the Semantic Network Service (SNS) of the Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt). As a result of this analysis specialist terms from the Environment Thesaurus are assigned to the web pages.

If you chose to include the setting Include similar terms in search by putting a cross, the associated similar terms will be taken into account. (Note: In most cases the number of hits will be increased by selecting this setting.)