You would also like to include similar terms in the search?

You have three possibilities for including similar terms in the search:

  • Automatically: In the settings for the search options form (Search/Options) cross the option Include similar terms in search. You can also use these setting on a lasting basis (see myPortal).
  • Before conducting a search expand your search term with similar terms by using the Topic/Thesaurus functionality of the Advanced Search.
  • After a search you will be offered Similar Terms above the search results list, by means of which you can expand your search term. In order to see the similar terms click on Similar Terms: Search for.... or on the plus sign.

You would like to limit your search to information about the place you live in?

For this use Space.You can either call up a search rectangle over the search area desired (By Map) or enter your town or district as a term (By Geographic Name).

You are only interested in information about your Federal State?

You can select your Federal State via the Search-Area of the search. Be aware that information at national level could also be of interest to you. You can set national information in the search area as well as a Federal State.

You can also have these settings on a lasting basis (see myPortal).

You have a particular search query that you can’t formulate via the advanced search?

InGrid-Portal allows complex search queries to be carried out that go beyond the possibilities of the advanced search (e.g. grouping via bracketing or similarity search etc.). In InGrid-Portal’s help read the section Expert Entry and put your search term into the search field.