Data Catalogues


The data catalogues connected and its contents are displayed in a hierarchy-tree, broken down according to Federal Republic/Federal States. In each catalogue navigation can take place by Objects (here "environment information") or Addresses. The details of an entry are represented only when queried, i.e. when clicking on its title, just as in the main results list in the free search.


The representation of the body of words in the Thesaurus takes place in a tree structure, starting with the top terms in SNS. When a Thesaurus term (descriptor) is selected (clicked), the metadata sets of the catalogues (object- and/or address-iPlugs) available are represented, which have been given keywords with the descriptor selected ,in a ‟result list�? located next to the hierarchy tree. The listing of the metadatasets is grouped according to the catalogues in this list. The detailed representation of a metadataset only takes place after a query, i.e. by clicking on its title, just as in the list of the search results in the free search. Switching between “environment information�? (Objects) and Addresses takes place in the area of the result list.